Health Food

Health Food Product OEM supplier

Core Technology

  • Rigorously selected herbs and plants, certified organic raw materials, and marine extracts
  • Manufacturing processes comply with cGMP standards, management is of high quality
  • Nanotechnology is used to process raw materials, targeted solutions are delivered by lipsome carriers

Health Food Product Types

  1. Instant powders
  2. Tea bags
  3. Hard capsules
  4. Soft capsules
  5. Tablets
  6. Drinks

Health Food Products OEM supplier items (by product use)

  • Complementary Cancer Assistance Series
  • Strengthening and Relaxing Series
    1. Calorie-absorption Reducers
    2. Metabolism Boosters
    3. Satiety boosters, appetite suppressors
    4. Fatty Liver Disease symptom suppressors
    5. Insulin Boosters
    6. Cholesterol-lowering products
  • Body weight control series
  • Women’s beauty products series
  • Eyesight protection series
  • Joints, bones, and muscles series
  • Natural hormone replenishing series
  • Sports nutrition and strength boosters series
  • Arteriovascular health series
  • Anti-ageing series