SDJ Laboratories’ research team makes customized all-natural cosmetics using smart micro-carrier technology

Providing world-class service:

We strive to give today’s men and women the ability to achieve their dreams.  SDJ Laboratories combines the use of the newest targeting smart nanotechnology and professional design to produce high-quality customized personal care products, to cater to today’s fashionable men and women.  You will not be able to help falling in love with our products!


  1. Establish skin type and : 20 min
  2. Explain what are the necessary personal care products and raw materials required : 20 min
  3. Calculate total price of products : 10 min
  4. Manufacture the products, prepare packaging and instructions : 2hr 

Product types:

  1. Natural smart nanocarriers toner 100-300 ml
  2. Multi-level smart nanocarriers serum cream  50-250 ml
  3. Multi-level smart nanocarriers specialized serum 10 ml x 6 or 15 ml x6
  4. Natural smart nanocarriers lotion 100-300 ml
  5. Natural smart nanocarriers makeup remover  100-300 ml
  6. Natural smart nanocarriers face wash 100-300 ml

* Pure, natural, anti-bacterial products, keep refrigerated after opening at 4℃,use within6 months.

* All product contents and prices vary slightly depending on the customer’s required raw materials, items, and quantities :

* If you wish to order other customizable products, please contact us at:+886-02-2797-2499 #202