Cultural Arts

Opera / Arts & Culture magazine

Opera / Arts & Culture magazine ( that is published by Taipei Opera and Cultural Arts Foundation was founded in April 2016. The foundation expects that their great passion for opera and the publication of opera magazine will let the “opera appreciation” to be a part of everyone’s life, because it is difficult to promote opera due to the lack of classic music information in Taiwan, especially associated with opera.


Each issue of the magazine contains the introduction of opera, classical music and performing arts information from domestic and foreign. Besides opera, the “culture and arts” section provides readers with high quality, good legibility and readability of life art content, covering art, architecture, fashion, food, etc. The readers can create a taste of life including music and art aesthetics through Opera / Arts & Culture.

Taipei Opera and Culture Arts Foundation

Taipei Opera and Cultural Arts Foundation (, which is based on the purpose of promoting opera and arts, was founded in December 2015. The foundation expects to provide more performance stages for the musicians from domestic and foreign by holding music competitions and concerts. Additionally, providing the audience auditory, visual feast is also the Foundation's goal. The foundation expects that Opera / Arts & Culture magazine and music concerts will let people to know the beautiful of opera and let the “opera appreciation” to be a part of everyone’s life.