Our Company

The merging of the company

The firm was emerged in 2004 by Dr. Jack (Dr. Chen), who holds his esteemed PhD degree in immunology and anti-tumor from Oregon Health Sciences University, USA

Dr. Jack has established unique specialties in the smart nano delivery system to give birth of the advanced cosmetics and alternative therapeutics.


Layout of the firm

Universe-Medical Biotechnology owns a team of world-known scientists engaged in new product development. Dr. Cindy Lin, Dr. F.L. Mi, Dr. P.C. Wen, Dr. Y.C. He, Dr. W.T. Fang, Dr. C.H. Hung, Dr. Y.C. Liu, Dr. Y.S. Chang are those of active figures.

The state-of-art labortory and pilot plant infrastructures are located in Taipei headquarter in which we could focus on innovative research and trial mass production. Besides, Universe-Medical Biotechnology has joint mass scale manufacturing plants in Taoyuan, Taichung, and Tainan that operate under CGMP and cGMP guideline.


Across-border integration

Across-border technology intercourse include those from LCL PARIS cosmetic LAB (France), Jaillon Creations Beaute(France), University of Bordeaux(France),USB medical school London(UK), University of Washington(USA), and Oregon Health Sciences University(USA).


Core technology

Our technology bank covers more than 40 innovative technologies including S.D.J. Smart NanoCarrier™, Andrographolide, Tripeptide HV3, NanoGolden, Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosl (RAS), Antimicrobial agent SJ9TM & SJ13TM, and Heparinized chitosan/poly(γ-glutamic acid) delivery system.



Universe-Medical Biotechnology offers all-directional skin care series based on ODM and OEM manner. On site of Universe-Medical Biotechnology you could catch the vision of our ODM and OEM spectrum branded locally as well as overseas. The abroad ones are such as USA and France brands. Besides, the intermediate analysis and research facilities offer qualified OEM& ODM service in alternative dietary therapeutics.


Marketing Channels

  1. Direct distribution

The direct distributing team is consisted of top sales of competent engaged in distribution agent, retailer, and individual end user. A big sale troop is being structured to fit for growing market-demand.

  1. Chain store

Chain store channel, characterized as one-level channel could minimize the exploitation from the middle agency. Self-owned chain store channel, on the other hand, can get quick cash inflow and high operation return. Universe-Medical Biotechnology, currently, holds self-owned chain stores and are quickly expanding the network scale through franchising (joining-in store) . In our direct-owned chain stores, the routine activities such as wine-testing party, health care speech, and skin care lecture are held successfully. Customers could enjoy the tenet of “health”, “beauty”, and “nature” in our state-of-art building. The potential of our chain store network will be unlimited under the strategic alliance with partners.

  1. Mobile-store

Universe-Medical Biotechnology initiates the concept of “mobile-store” and will take every advantage of it to the limit. In the past few years, we have widely accumulated the personnel sources in sales. Our mobile store is just consisted of those top sales of competent whoever always taking mobile-POS everywhere they are. Through internet connected mobile-POS, any deal could be transacted on time without restriction of where sales are. The niches of mobile store are, thereupon, characterized as “high mobility” and “low operation expenditure”.

  1. E-shop

Through internet connected E-shop, any deal could be proceeded and transacted on time without restriction of “time “ and “site”. The E-shop has been on line with the entry of http://www.sdj.tw.