About S.D.J.

The origin of S.D.J. Laboratories brand


“A story of beautiful heart”

Swan, the avatar of pureness and dignity impresses the mind of Dr. Jack. Based on the faith of “Swan”, Dr. Jack found Universe-Medical Biotechnology with the belief of specialty and honesty.



On 2003, giving up stable job with high payment overseas, Dr. Jack came back to Taiwan with the origin promise to himself. He constructed Universe-Medical Biotechnology with ardently love in creating healthful and beautiful products. He knows in his deep mind that the decision of “coming back” is not really “giving up” ,while “creating a new start”.


Growing up

With un-fearing courage, and royalty to customer rather than with abundant fund and blindly following to fad, the company become growing up step by step under being trusted by customers. In enjoying the product delicacy, you can feel the diligence and cherish from Dr. Jack.



Swan Dr. Jack (S.D.J.), an emblem of pureness, nature and profession, presents the belief of “utterly nature” created by Dr. Jack. He always leaches the nonesuch from the best material sources.



The whole products are produced with high safety and effectiveness and offered to customers in the top enjoyable standard. We believe that stringent requirement on product quality gives the incomparable honors to all of our customers.