Core Technology

Using the target transmission system, receptor and information relevance, intellectual strategy system to help research and development of a series of new drugs and processes.

Core technology and major business projects

Combined with the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs integration plan, through the raw medicine extraction, bioreactor, molecular nanoization and genetic engineering, natural antibacterial, pharmacokinetics, microcapsules and smartNanocarriersTM and other nano biotechnology, integration of professional biomedical related patent intellectual property knowledge!

Core Technology

  1. Natural medicine into smartNanocarriersTM configuration and design using technology.
  2. Fiber and epidermal growth factor and other self-assembly intelligent carrier technology.
  3. Third peptides and five, seven, nine and other peptides smart carrier particles designed and modified technology.
  4. The use of nano-gold, silver, platinum particles and other health-oriented precious metals and design.
  5. Antrodia cinnamomea smartNanocarriersTM use and design.
  6. Andrographolide smartNanocarriersTM use and design.
  7. The design and application of natural antimicrobial compounds (for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)

And so on more than one hundred forty high-end intellectual property.

Main business items

  1. Target drug design and drug dynamics research and development and the use of intellectual property layout (cancer, skin science, endocrine, neurological medicine).
  2. High-level intelligent carrier functional food research and development and manufacturing (ingots, powder, capsules, beverages); (cardiovascular, joint soothing, liver function, etc.).
  3. High-level wisdom vector care products research and development and manufacturing (various formulations of goods gel, emulsion, water); (whitening, anti-aging, anti-pox, etc.).
  4. Dr. Jack Shop natural, healthy, fragrant shop promotion and marketing.
  5. S.D.J. Laboratories brand products and carefully selected natural organic good goods company buy and marketing.

Our technology bank covers more than 40 innovative technologies including S.D.J. Smart NanoCarrier™, Andrographolide, Tripeptide HV3, NanoGolden, Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosl (RAS), Antimicrobial agent SJ9TM & SJ13TM, and Heparinized chitosan/poly(γ-glutamic acid) delivery system.